Of writing about food and being able to whip up some as well

I just finished reading this post from Dessert Comes First‘s Lori about his day with Our Awesome Planet‘s Anton, Jay Herrera and his Kinabuhayan Cafe and its Jessica Soho shoot.

Anton and Lori at Jay Herrera’s Quezon Province property. Photo from Dessert Comes First

There she mentioned a discussion between the two of them about cooking and writing about it.  I quote:

I’m not sure if I’ll ever get around to cooking,” he murmurs. People often share this sentiment with me and so I tell Anton the same thing I tell everyone else: “What’s important is that you like to eat. We can’t all be cooks. There have to be eaters too.

Awesome, right?

But wait, doesn’t Lori know how to cook and bake?

I digress.

I’ve just been starting to write again and most of what I’ve written so far is about food (Totally not intentional. I just wanted to write again. :) I think am just really matakaw lately. Hehe.).  A couple of nights ago, I was thinking someone might come across this lowly blog of mine, think I should be able to put my money where my mouth is and demand that I know how to cook well too if I have a lot to say something about somebody else’s  food. Thanks to Lori I now have something to say.

But then again, maybe it’s time to practice cooking and brush up on my culinary skills. Hehe.

So repeat after me: What’s important is that you like to eat. We can’t all be cooks. There have to be eaters too.

Good for me. I looove to eat. :)


Another food blog I follow is that of Market Man‘s. (I think he’ll be in the same KMJS episode too.) I dream of the day I would be at par with these folks. (Or that day when I’ve experience even half of what they have already. Hehe. ^^_) Mga idol!


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