Of going black, beating sex and mannequins (Gayuma ni Maria)

You know those places you visited back when you were younger that you’ve never really forgotten?

The auditorium where you received your first medal. The room of your first crush. The house where you had your first unsupervised overnight. Star City.

The original Gayuma at Katipunan was one of those places. Back in the day, eating at Gayuma was a luxury, and a bit of an adventure if I may say. First because we didn’t have the moolah back then to dine there regularly. Second, we were young goody two shoes who wouldn’t dare eat anything that had the “s” word in its name. Can you blame us? A group of Physics majors in an aphrodisiac-themed resto was just, well, risqué.

You could only imagine the joy and excitement I felt when I found out that Gayuma is back, in its reincarnated form, by way of Gayuma ni Maria at Maginhawa Street.  (Ikaw na Smarla, ang ultimate source. Haha!) The plans I made with Eia and Ivan to have dinner there after one of my classes finally happened last week. We coincidentally passed by Jethro on the way so it was only polite that Eia invited him to tag along; he accepted the invitation. We arrived at the end of the Maginhawa stretch and the nostalgia trip was on.

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