Singapore 2012: Of fathers-in-law, signs and the Allspark

A day before our flight, I posted this status both in my FB timeline and my Twitter stream:

First time to travel with the father-in-law. Afraidy Aguilar. Haha!

I made it seem like a joke then, but in reality, I was mortified. I’ve been on an out-of-the-country trip with the in-laws a year ago (a real learning experience, by the way) but the dad wasn’t there. Apparently, Kite explained, he’s picky when it comes to travel. That’s also why we were all surprised when he said he’d be tagging along when we finalized this year’s destination. Fan ata ng SG. :-P

It’s not like I’m not in good terms with him ah. He’s been nice to me ever since I started visiting their place, striking up the occasional conversation about basketball and boxing, and offering a smile whenever I asked him to eat something I brought over as pasalubong. The thing is I’m not as close to him as I was with, say, Kite’s mom.

The anxiety was compounded by the fact that all of us stayed at one of the hostel’s dorm room. At the onset, I was so paranoid as I thought my every move was being watched. Could I be sweet to my Kite while he’s around? Would he mind us being too couple-y? What if he thinks I’m too cheesy? Worst, what if he hears me snore? :-! Turns out I didn’t have a reason to feel that way. I realized soon enough that if he’s going to be cool with me, it’s going to be because I was comfortable being me while around him.

On the morning of our fourth and last day in Singapore, I went around the room where all of us stayed and staged a mock interview. I was asking everyone how they felt that the trip was over and that we were heading home already. At one point I mustered the courage to point the camera at him and asked the same questions I was asking everyone else. Fully on board with the joke, he answered back with these words accompanied by a genuine and hearty chuckle:

I miss my chickens and roosters.

I couldn’t have asked for any more confirmation that the vacation I spent with him for the first time was good. ;-)


Here’re some more photos (and two videos) from the more tourist-y places we visited: the Singapore Zoo and Night Safari (needless to say, nature and wildlife lovers shouldn’t skip these), Universal Studios Singapore (The Transformers Ride! Battlestar Galactica! I’m OA for very valid reasons! Woooooot!), and Sentosa Island (amazing, amazing, AMAZING water and lights show). A couple of witty signs from inside Pillows and Toast Hostel in Chinatown, too (Very much recommended. Hello Eddy and Ming!). :-D


They don’t call SG a “fine” city for nothing. :-P

Notice how they qualified the Facebook page clause? What if they still stored naughty videos for private consumption? I kid, I kid. :-D

So. True. #hostelrulestoliveby

Rawr. It looked like it was coming straight at me.

Ghostly image of a night creature. This was a hyena, I think.

The AllSpark shard that was on display while we waited for our turn to experience The Transformers Ride. Effing best theme park ride! Ever! The looong queue was well worth it. I understand now why Alex purchased year-long valid tickets for USS just for this ride.

Still can’t get over the fact that Kite and I rode this. With our feet dangling the entire time, I wasn’t able to walk straight for a good five seconds after this ride. Fuuun but crazyyy.

I know, I know, it’s overexposed. But candies! Growing on a tree! How cute is that? :-P

SG may not be known for sunsets but this here’s a fine one. At Sentosa Island just before the awesome Songs of the Sea. This show’s best experienced live, but if you want to see if it’ll be worth the fee, check out the videos below. :-)


Up next: Singapore food trip!

About Paolo
Paolo Mandingiado is a guy in his 20′s who loves to write about – you guessed it – food, places, passions and life. He is an IT professional and keeps himself busy by running road races, practicing yoga, playing badminton, continuously learning, going places and attempting to live life to the fullest.

6 Responses to Singapore 2012: Of fathers-in-law, signs and the Allspark

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  2. carlo says:

    hey, i’m glad, i found your blog again! nabura kasi un favorites ko! ang dami ng adventure and as usual, great photos!

    • Paolo says:

      Thanks for dropping by Carlo! You know I’m a quiet follower of your blog too right? :P

      I’m glad you liked the photos. Next time show me around when I get back to SG. :)

  3. carlo says:

    Sure, would love that! :)

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