Puerto Princesa, Palawan 2012: Prelude

Most travel is best of all in the anticipation or the remembering…” – Regina Nadelson

An island we passed by on our way home to Manila. I don’t even know if this is still part of Puerto Princesa, but it’s pretty, yes? || UPDATE (3 May 2012): This is, in fact, a view of Dos Palmas. Ozom! Thanks Eldrin for the info. :-D

Remembering it is, then:

My “Yes, I’m officially on my late 20’s” birthday.
Button and Zipper.
Yuong cocconut.  (sic)
A school of fish.
Poolside bars and beach-front massages.
The world famous (and controversial) Underground River.

Dear memory. Please don’t fail me now. :-)


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