Hong Kong: Epilogue

Okay, so I didn’t quite finish this series before my trip to Port-Au-Princess a week ago (Get it? Get it? :-P), but hey, at least I completed it before the first month of 2012 ended right? Yey me! Haha!

For a totally unplanned trip, Hong Kong was a blast! Being the control freak that I am, I was fearful it would go haywire. The thought of not being able to put my itinerary and budget on paper (or spreadsheet for that matter) really bothered me. Sure, I missed Avenue of Stars, eating at an old-school dimsum place and other cliché tourist-y things but what do you know? It definitely was one of the trips I know I’d cherish for a long time, and yes, a huge part of it was because I was with Kite. :-)

Ooooh! Just a quick note on transportation within the city: get an Octopus card. If you’re going to be on buses and trains anyway, it will definitely be sulit. They have terrific information on the MTR website so go there and check it out. Shout out to Weng for lending me her spare one! Woot! :-D

So anyway, below is a set of photos of my last day, leading to my flight back to Manila:

Buffet breakfast day 3. What, you thought I'd skip this on my last day? :-P

The culprit behind my major weight gain. Well, this and my lack of self control.

Talk about subtlety. :-P Royal indeed.

Got to love architecture such as this one.

A morning view of Victoria Harbour. Can you see The Peak Tower?

I got off on the wrong side. :-P

This is where I tweeted: "Answering my take home exam at HKIA. Me already.". Seriously, mobility at its finest. Cheers to free (and good!) airport wifi!

My lunch after missing Cafe de Corale's Shanghai style spare ribs. Can someone confirm if they indeed changed their menu or I just really missed it? (Read: natanga lang.)

It works. It actually works!

Good girl Jia Jia following aviation rules. I think this was the first flight I had where the seat beside me was empty.

Fun fun!

A friend told me that Hong Kong has a lifespan of two years. I’m not sure how true that is (Got to trust her… She’s been there a lot!), but that leaves me with more than seven hundred days to look forward to. I guess it’s a good thing I missed doing a lot of things then. Tons of reasons to go back pa. :-)


You can browse through my Hong Kong trip in the posts preceding this one. Here’s a quick list if you can’t be bothered:

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Whew! Now back to regular programming. :-)


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