Seoul, South Korea: Epilogue


I can’t believe it took me months to finish this series, but, as my dear friend says, better obscenely late than never. (I’m still bummed that I didn’t have enough time to make a video and the usual itinerary and budget sheet, though.)

So except for the observations that I’ve already raved about in my earlier posts (i.e. things you’d expect from a progressive country),  what do I take away from this almost week-long getaway?

This one: the folks we’ve encountered are some of the most polite I’ve ever met. This was a real stand out for me. From random people helping lost tourists like us without us even asking for it, to ladies giving up their seats for elders at the train, even to how beggars ask for alms, politeness was the norm as oppose to the exception. I was secretly hoping this was the perception we Filipinos give to our visitors too.

On a more personal note, travelling with family is an experience in itself. Well, to be specific, Kite’s family (read: in-laws). This is the first time I’ve done this and I learned a great deal about myself just because of this fact. Hehe.

I had the good fortune of having some sort of personal tour guide in the presence of Madli and I will forever be grateful for the tons of tips and insights on South Korean culture she has shared before, during and even after the trip. Her stories about fashion, cosmetic surgery, family life, steam rooms and a whole lot more are just precious! She’s now egging me to go visit Busan or the DMZ next time. Haha! We’ll see! If anything, this trip got me pumped up for a possible Japan trip next year. *fingers tightly crossed with matching closed eyes*

For now, kamsahamnida South Korea! Another vacation for the books! Woot!

We missed your autumn, but what the heck, we had a banging good time!


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Hmmmm… Sakto pang-reminisce lang. Haha! :-P


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