Of traffic, winning the Lotto and daydreams

Last Monday, for the first time ever, I caught myself daydreaming about what I will do if and when I win the lottery.

I blame it on that day’s uncharacteristic heavy traffic along the Elliptical Road, a dear friend’s posts about her London adventures, and the stress I had that morning after budgeting my salary.

It was funny, really, and for a number of reasons too.

First, I have never played the lottery. I don’t even know the difference between the various Lotto games (Super? Mega?). The only recollection I have of engaging in such activity is when I was required to buy sweepstakes tickets for a fundraising event at school. Me giving my mom a number for her six-number combination doesn’t count.

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Second, I don’t consider myself lucky in this front. Never, and I mean never, have I won anything in a raffle. Not on school fairs. Not on corporate Christmas parties. Not on online contests. Unbelievable. That and the fact that there are people who always seem to win at these things. (Admit it. You know people like them…)

Third, I had better things to think about that day. Work, school, family, love. Faaaaar more important things than fantasizing about how to spend an obscenely large amount of money I don’t even have.

But I did. I mused about the possibility.

I thought about what house to buy and where. I thought about what condo unit to purchase. I thought about what car to get. I thought about how much I will invest in stocks, how much I will save in the bank, how much I will use to purchase other financial tools and how much I will use for philanthropy. I thought about a family trip to Palawan. I thought about a personal trip to Europe. I thought about buying the new Mac Book Air. I thought about enrolling myself and my youngest sister to an official culinary school.

These thoughts, and many others related to them, all ended when I heard the driver ask: “May checkpoint ba diyan?”. Kuya’s words snapped me back to reality. A few minutes after that, I was in class.

Only later that night did I realize how refreshing the mind exercise was. I appreciated the fact that even though I’m not lucky on the lottery aspect, I’m “luckier” on other aspects of my life. My career, for one, has been shaped significantly by a string of opportunities not many come across with often. I also got reminded of how blessed I am to be in a situation where I am looking to fulfil my “wants” rather than my “needs”. That’s a good place to be in, yes?

The thought process was very revealing too.

MBA over the Samsung Series 9 Notebook? Europe over Machu Pichu? Stocks over putting up my own business? Culinary school over MBA or Master of Finance? A house AND a condo unit? Resignation not even crossing my mind?

All of these are very telling and very interesting. Even for me.

So I guess I have to thank Monday traffic, Ish and that payday for what happened. Daydreaming has its value after all. One learns a lot about himself after being whisked away to a space where the possibilities are (almost) endless.


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