Of Ward 9, hope, and Jose Rizal (The Biggest Loser for the Philippine General Hospital)

Many years ago, I attended a week-long United Methodist Church youth fellowship event in Nueva Ecija. I was a teenager back then, and a lot of things have happened since, but one thing that stuck to my mind was a discussion on the miracle of the feeding of the multitude.

I recall how one pastor shared this modern perspective that Jesus did not really literally divide five loaves and two fish to feed 5000 people. He explained that one possible explanation was that all of those people did have food with them, but were only inspired to share when they saw the selflessness that the little kid showed when he shared his. In other words, it was just a single act that spurred a bigger one.

As a man of science and reason, that explanation resonated with me. So much so that until now I remember that story.

I got reminded of this because of a real life show of generosity I witnessed over this father’s day weekend. Remember this? After weeks of planning, Sunday finally saw this promise coming to fruition. And much like the bread and fish from the feeding of the multitude, the Biggest Loser pot multiplied to almost five times when we asked for contributions from other office friends who were not part of the competition. Amazing right? :)

I can’t quite put into writing how everything transpired, so I’ll just share some sort of photo essay below. I’m not posting pictures of the patients (just one) for obvious reasons. Thanks to Ghia and Wena for the photos! Read more of this post


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