The WS&J Project: The White Shirt & Jeans Project

So, ok, I didn’t quite achieve Aljur’s body in time for Boracay, and I’ve gained back a few (Just a few ah! Not a whole lot. Hehe…) pounds from my Project WBW-slash-Biggest Loser success.

Enter Rae and Jason.

A few weeks back we thought about doing this cross-blog project. Actually, Jason and I had this discussion a long time ago about being able to wear the simplest of get-ups: a white shirt and classic jeans. We both agreed it’s a look a few people actually can pull off quite well. We had Rae on board because she was starting her Project Fit and Toned anyway. All of that and Jason just really needed a push to get working on his blog. Haha!

So very similar to The WBW Project, here’s what we plan to achieve in more or less six months:

1. The group goal: Be able to fit in a white shirt and a pair of jeans of one’s desired size.

2. The personal goal: Any SMAART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Action-oriented, Results-oriented, Time-bound) goal!

For the first goal, I’m eyeing a small-sized top and a size 30 (or 29, perhaps) pair of pants. I’ve found an awesome inspiration from here (admittedly, the shirts aren’t white, but you get the drift) and I’m especially loving the ensembles from Dior Homme and 7 For All Mankind.

Slimmy in Chester Row by Seven For All Mankind Jeans

Photo credit: Yahoo! Shopping’s The Best Jeans for Men: The GQ Denim Report

For the second, I aim to be able to carry out a decent conversation in Bisaya. Not sure if that’s exactly SMAART-ish of a goal, but Rae and Jason approved so I guess it’s a non-issue. I originally wanted to learn French or Mandarin, but ultimately decided Bisaya would be more doable and practical. *wink wink*

Thanks to Coach Jason. Haha! This is not easy ah!

So there. My personal experience tells me writing about a goal, making it public, and working with friends to attain it makes the entire activity both more achievable and rewarding. More details to follow as we go along! Mr WS&J himself hasn’t published his first post. I smell free dinner for me and Rae… :)


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