Kota Kinabalu: Prelude

A year ago, I was supposed to climb Mt. Kinabalu with some good friends.

I’ve booked tickets months in advance, and was really pumped to push through with the adventure. As fate would have it, soon after coming home from India, something deeply personal happened which led me to cancel my trip mere days before my flight to Sabah.

Fast forward to a few months back. June 2010.

Cebu Pacific had its usual run of seat sales and I instantly thought of going on a trip with Hanna somewhere out of the country. That somewhere turned out to be KK, and on that same day I saw the announcement, we were booked.  Now who else to call in times like this? Ish, Alex and Jan, of course! (Mike was a no go. Boo.) True blue Kaladkarins to the rescue! I’m just so happy that I have good friends who, without batting an eyelash, will say yes to an out of town trip. It helps that they’re bad-ass rich folks, too. :)

Oh, a day before the trip, Hanna and I panicked because of DOST clearances that needed to be clarified. Travelling abroad for DOST scholars, even cleared ones, can be a pain in the ass. Seriously.

So there. From a cancellation last year, to an almost cancelled one this year, to weeks of planning, reservations and what have you’s, Kota Kinabalu was a go.

Suffice to say, everyone was excited.

Selamat datang!


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