Of being cheesy, coincidences and “I’m really happy someone thought of making that flavor of ice cream” moments

It’s literally like eating cold blue cheese, the not too sharp kind. I’m not sure how that fares with other folks, but for me, that’s a definite win.

Ish, Alex, remember our burgis days? LOL!


Now I’m not really big on ice cream. Seriously. I almost always snub the cold treat. I’m more of a cheesecake type of guy, than an ice cream type of guy. Now, if it’s Sebastian’s, that’s a totally different story. I love Sebastian’s. It IS the best ice cream brand around. I got introduced to the brand a year ago (I know, right? Me lives under a rock.) when H and I stumbled upon its stall at Glorietta a year ago. I had the Blueberry Cheesecake variant then, after which I became an instant fan. I prefer that flavor the most; closely followed by Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough (a classic!) and Up All Night (caffeine junkies would definitely love this one).

That is, until last Sunday.

We just had dinner with Alen and Bryan at Terry’s Selection (that dinner merits a dedicated post, by the way) and were looking for sneakers at the Podium this past weekend. We didn’t find any so we decided to transfer to Megamall, to continue the shoe hunt and to watch Paranormal Activity 2. Lo and behold, after a turn on the way down from Podium’s 4th floor, I saw this:

My jaw dropped. Blue cheese? Walnuts? Sebastian’s? Anyone who knows me that well would tell you this dessert was made for me. :)

(Coincidentally, I was with H too that fateful day at Glorietta when I had that first taste. We just finished watching the first Paranormal Activity movie. Don’t believe me? Read this. :))

For PHP 125, one gets a sizeable serving with one topping. One can choose between walnuts and Palawan honey. For ten pesos more, you can get the two. I opted to have the walnuts (I’m not sure if it would have been better with Palawan honey. Palawan honey, by the way, is better than your average honey; Van Gogh is Bipolar taught me that. :) I was afraid it’d be too sweet so I didn’t try. Let me know how it goes shall you try it, ok?), and it did not disappoint. As always, the ice cream was just the perfect consistency – not too watery, yet not too thick. The sharpness of the blue cheese complements the aptly sweetened base perfectly. The blue cheese, you ask? Sebastian’s did not skimp on it. I discovered generous chunks of blue cheese with every bite I took. H. E. A. V. E. N.

Clever play on words, too, as Once in a Blue Moon is available for a limited time only. On hindsight, I should’ve asked until when this will be available. In any case, blue cheese (and walnuts and Sebastian’s, for that matter) fans, you know what to do.

Dear Sebastian’s, thank you for this creation. You’re awesome.

Next up: FroYa! (Frozen Yakult, for the win!) :)


Once in a Blue Moon Premium Ice Cream
Single scoop, one topping: PHP 125
Single scoop, two toppings: PHP 135
Topping options: Walnuts, Palawan honey
Sebastian’s Ice Cream Studio – The Podium
4/F The Podium, Ortigas Center, Pasig City


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