Of self-inflicted pain, final wind and milestones (a.k.a. the sub-30 5K is official!)

Eleven 5-km road races.
Nine accomplished without walk breaks.
One completed in less than 30 minutes.
First 10-km road race scheduled.

If you had told me a year ago that I’ll credit all of the above under my belt, I would have said go pull somebody else’s leg.

I’m not quite sure what got me into running in the first place. (Seriously, I can’t remember.) You see, I’ve always told people how I’m not made for sports. My build, for one, is not as athletic as I would want it to be. My whole life, I was more nerd than jock – actually, 100% nerd, 0% jock. Add to that my never-ending weight management saga. So all of these come as a surprise.

No, really.

But damn. Look at these stats! (Yes, self-confessed O.C. I am.)

02-07 Condura Run for the Dolphins: 0:35:12 – First run ever!
02-21 Century Tuna Superbods Run: 0:39:45
03-07 UNILAB Run United for Wellness Run: 0:33:34 – First run with no walk break!
03-21 Globe Run for Home: 0:33:39
04-19 Nat Geo Earth Run: 0:38:25
04-24 Greenfield City Sunset Run: 0:35:18
05-30 Nature Valley Run: 0:32:20
07-11 Big Blue Run: The Uphill Challenge: 0:35:16
07-18 Enggfinity Run: The Engineering Centennial Run: 0:31:39
09-04 First Figaro Fun Run: Race to Save the Barako Tree: 0:26:46 – Generally acknowledged as a non-accurate 5-km distance. Around 4.x?
10-24 Adidas King of the Road: 0:29:58 – First official sub-30!

Ralph Piolo Madnigiado: Good job on the registration Ivan. :))

Suffice to say, I’m hooked. Just for the sense of accomplishment after exhausting that final wind for the last sprint to cross the finish line, that distance logged was more than worth it. The “woah-I-just-finished-running-5-kilometers” realization always trumps the “why-again-did-I-pay-to-torture-myself”, “crap-I’m-gonna-die-I’m-gonna-die”, “I-shouldn’t-have-had-that-last-bottle-of-beer-last-night” and “that’s-just the-first-kilometer?!?” moments during the actual runs.

Above anything else, it’s the confirmation that yes, I can do things I never once imagined I can do.

I will be running my 12th 5-km race this Sunday. No PR-breaking goals this time around. With a 12 feet long balance beam, 3-foot hurdles, and an 8-foot wall (gasp!), my first Men’s Health Urbanathlon shall instead be my celebratory run. Two weeks after that, to officially complete the three legs of the Runrio Trilogy series, I’m slated to run my first 10-km race.

Timer registered 00:66:30 after hitting the 10K mark.

Yes. I’m crazy. :)


Image credit: Homer Running: Insidesocal


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